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My Book

My book covers all aspects of the job search. It is applicable for any type of job seeker or job.

I have reviewed several other job seeker books. There are two fundamental ways my book is different:

#1 – “Process” – I have structured all the material into a “process” that any job seeker can follow. The “process” has 6 phases and 18 steps/tasks. Page 19 in the book is a flow chart of the entire “process” with chapter numbers indicating where the detail can be found on how to perform each step/task.

#2 – What to “Do” / What to “Say” – I have found that most job seekers have anxiety about performing many of the steps/tasks of the job search, networking in particular. This is because they are not sure what to “do” and what to “say.” That is the detail that I have provided.

You can obtain a copy of my book from Amazon.com. Read the reviews, while you are there.

Here’s the link.     http://www.amazon.com/Get-Job-Compensation-You-Want/dp/143921249X

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