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The easy way to navigate around is by clicking on the words “Home, Author, CVJS, Instructions, My Book, Q&A, etc.” in the upper righthand corner of each page.

   * Home – Here is where I post advice on a wide variety of job search subjects. Scroll and read as you wish. If you see one of my posts on which you would like to comment or pose a question, click on “No Comments Yet” or “X Comments” underneath what I have written. (See more details on the “Home” page below.)

   * Author – This page will give you background information on me.

   * CVJS – This page will provide you with details about my organization, the Chagrin Valley Job Seekers.

   * Instructions – This page will provide you with more detail on how to work with this WordPress blog.

   * My Book – I’ve written a book on the job search: Get the Job (and Compensation) You Want. Check it out.

   * Q & A – Here you can post questions directly to me on any job search related subject. I will read and respond.

The “Home” page has several options for selecting posts to review. On the right hand side of the screen:

  • If you want to log in, scroll down until you see the words “Log In” and click on them.
  • There is list of “Categories” I use. Click on any one  and the list of posts will be filtered down to those posts which have that “category. To bring all posts back to the screen, click on the “All” category.
  • There is also a list of the most recent posts. Click on one of them to go directly to it.
  • Click on “Tags Used” to filter the list of posts down to those which I have “tagged” with that word. “Tags” are merely key words I’ve used to associated with some of my posts.

Under each post on the “Home” page, there is a row that includes information about the post as follows:
      Post Date | User Name of Person who submitted the Post | Post Category(ies) | Tag(s) | X Comments
You can click one of those pieces of information and filter the posts down to just those who have those attributes:

User Name of Poster – This is the identification of the person who submitted the post.
Post Category(ies) – These are the same categories as listed on the right hand side of the page. However, if you click on a category here, you will get a list of posts anywhere in WordPress with that “category.”
Tag(s) – These are key words I’ve used to associate with my posts. This will help you search for posts on a
            subject you are currently interested in.
X Comments – Click on this if it says “No Comment” and you want to leave one.

You can leave a comment on any page. A window will pop up or already appear under the post that will allow you to enter your identifying information and your comment.

You can officially become a registered WordPress user and a subscriber of my blog by typing your email address in the box provided on the “Home” page. This will provide you with more capabilities than I described above. In particular, you will get emails that indicate when a new post occurs or someone else or I respond to one of  your comments. However, I have not required that you register or subscribe.

You can also type a word into the “Search” box on the “Home” page. That will filter my list of posts to those which include that word.

From time to time, I may add a poll to the sidebar on the right hand side. You may need to scroll down to see it, if there is one, currently. Please vote. I will also set them up so that you could see the results.


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  1. Look for updates via email

    Comment by Carl Damiani | February 9, 2010

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