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I, Jim Grant, am the Owner/Moderator of this blog.

I was a job seeker advisor / author / speaker.

Here’s some more background information on me.

* I was the leader and a cofounder of the Chagrin Valley Job Seeker. (See the “CVJS” page in this blog.)

* I voluntarily spent 60-70 hours a month running CVJS for 11+ years and individually counseled job seekers for free on a regular basis: either by email once or twice a day, by phone every couple of days, or face-to-face at coffee shops every other week.

* There have been articles on CVJS in several local papers and The Cleveland Plain Dealer. I have written large portions of three of the articles. I also wrote about 35 articles on various aspects of the job search that are available for free to CVJS members.

* I wrote and published a book on the job search titled Get the Job (and Compensation) You Want. (See the page “My Book” in this blog.)

* I’ve appeared on radio talk shows, taking calls from listeners, and giving them advice on their job search.

* I’ve given presentations to job seekers at many groups throughout northeast Ohio on “How to Conduct an Effective Job Search” and “Negotiating Compensation.” I also spoke to 350 job seekers at two churches in Raleigh, NC.

* I am a retired middle manager of business, financial, & operations analysts who determined what caused the past and predicted the future.

* I worked for a small computer services firm, a large regional bank, a multi-billion dollar manufacturing company, and a multi-billion dollar property & casualty insurance company.

You can obtain more information about me at www.linkedin.com/in/jimgrant1.

I can be reached as follows:
Email: JWGrant@AOL.com
Home Phone: 330-486-0604

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