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On-Line Job Applications – Avoid Them

On Sundays in the business section of my regional newspaper, they include a calendar of events. A sub-section covers events that are for job seekers. Since the start of the year, it seems that there have three or four weeks when there was seminar about “On-line Job Applications”. I’ve never attended one of these seminars. I don’t know what they are telling / teaching job seekers. However, let me give them the benefit of the doubt and think that the leaders / speakers are sharing some great ideas / tips on how to fill out employer’s on-line job applications.

My concern is that, just by holding such seminars, they are giving job seekers the impression that it is a good idea to be filling out job applications.
It is not.
Why do I say that? – – – It’s simple. The chance of a job seeker getting a face-to-face interview by filling out an employer’s online application is about 1 in 20.
How do I know that? – – – The surveys, both ones you can find on the Internet and ones I’ve taken on several occasions with a room full of job seekers, all say that.
What is better than filling out an employer’s on-line application? – – – The answer is easy. Identify and contact the Hiring Manager directly. It does take some extra effort, but you will get more interviews that way.
What’s better than you contacting the Hiring Manager? – – – Have someone else contact the Hiring Manager on your behalf. Who might that someone be? One of your references or someone who already works for the employer.
If those two approaches don’t work for you with some employer, then you can still fill out the employer’s on-line application. Just bear in mind that when you do, your chance of getting a face-to-face interview is quite low.

June 2, 2013 - Posted by | Pursue Posted Job, Target Employers

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