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Include Your Contact Info in Each Email You Send

One thing you can do to increase the number of responses you get from emails you send (which is a good thing) is to include your name and contact information in each email.

Why do it? You want to appear to the recipients of your emails that you are open, friendly, and easy to contact. You also want to make it easy for someone to copy your email address and add it to his/her address book.

Most email software / servers will automatically include such information as a “Signature” in each email you send.

Despite how easy it is to do, I’d guestimate that more than 70% of the emails I receive from job seekers do not have a “Signature.”. – – – Yes, it may be possible to figure out your name from your email address, but if that is your reaction you are missing the point.

I highly recommend that you figure out how to set up a “Signature” and have it automatically inserted into every email you send

What do you include in your “Signature?” The same things you should include on your job search business card, like:
* Your Name
* Title of the job you are seeking (or two)
* Key words that are used in your field / job
* Your phone number
* Your email address
* If your field is graphics design (or similar), include some graphics (but don’t over-do it.)

Here’s an example:
* Jim Grant
* Manager Financial Planning and Analysis
* Management, forecasting, margin-mix analysis, budgeting, strategic planning
* 440-248-6042
* JWGrant@AOL.com

I hope you feel this helps in your job search.



October 12, 2011 - Posted by | Seeking

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  1. Great tip, thanks Jim.

    Comment by isearchphonenumbers | July 13, 2017 | Reply

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