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Solutions to Your Job Search Challenges

Here are solutions to the challenges that many/most job seekers encounter, listed in the sequence in which they are typically encountered. The solution descriptions are gross simplifications, but, hopefully, you get the point.

  1. Are you finding enough job openings? No, then you need to spend a lot more time networking and a lot less time searching the Internet for jobs.
  2. Are you finding the jobs, but not getting enough interviews? Then it’s either (a) Your resume, or (b) You’ve got to start using a T-Letter every time you apply for a posted job, or (c) You’ve got to stop wasting your time applying for jobs through the HR Department.
  3. Are you getting the interviews, but not the offers? Then, you need to improve your interviewing skills.
  4. Are you getting the offers but they’re way too low? Then, either (a) You need to learn how to not answer “the salary question” or (b) You need to learn how to negotiate compensation.

I hope you feel these points and ideas head you in the right direction.


September 17, 2011 - Posted by | Interviewing, Negotiating, Networking, Pursue Posted Job, Resumes

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