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The 4 Best Tips for Job Seekers

Below are the 4 best tips I’ve ever heard for job seekers. Where do they come from? I’ve met many other job seeker advisors, HR people, external recruiters, hiring managers, and job seekers. I’ve listened to what they say works best. I’ve read several books for job seekers. I’ve written one. I’ve had the opportunity to read through the 3-ring binders of material that three outplacement firms provide their client job seekers.

In short, if you adhere to these 4 tips, I would be highly confident that you will materially shorten the amount of time that you are unemployed.

  1. Stop wasting your time applying for jobs through the HR Department (and that includes filling out employers’ online applications).  There’s less than 1 chance in 20 that you will get an interview when you do.
  2. Always use a T-Letter when applying for a job you found posted somewhere.
  3. Network, network, and network some more.
  4. Learn how to not answer “the salary question” (at least not the first time someone asks).

If you do not know how to adhere to the above tips, don’t know what one of the terms means, or, in the case of #1, know what to do instead, then you need to find out. You can find out by reading some of my other posts in this blog, by reading a good book on the job search, by working with a person who is experienced in the job search process and counsels job seekers.

It’s all about the process. If you use the right process, the results will come.

In simple terms, you need to become as good at the job search process as you were in the last job you had – – – and it probably took you some training and some time to be good at that job.


July 15, 2011 - Posted by | All, Negotiating, Networking, Pursue Posted Job

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