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Ask for the Job

I had a  job seeker send me an email a couple days ago. He said he only got the job because of some advice that we give at CVJS meetings.

I am not a sales person, but I have enough first hand experience with sales people to know that something they are taught somewhere during their career is to “Ask for the order.” Doing so increases the chance of getting the sale.

The same is true when you are interviewing for a job and you conclude you really want it. “Ask for the job.”

The job seeker I referred to above told me that a month after he had the job (and things were going smoothly), the hiring manager (now his boss) told him that at the time of interviewing candidates, she had 2-3 really good people to choose from. However, during the interview with the CVJS member, he “asked for the job”. She told him that right there on the spot, she decided she was going to hire him because he asked.

In the spirit of Dr. Wayne Dwyer, “The world is waiting to give you what you want. You just need to tell the world what it is.”


October 9, 2010 - Posted by | Interviewing

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