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Length of Your Resume

I frequently get the question “How long should my resume be?”

I think it’s the wrong question. A more important question is “Does your resume make a reader want to invite you in for a face-to-face interview?”

It strikes me that a large portion of a job seekers think the purpose of a resume is to lay out all your work history, capabilities, skills, etc. It is not!!! The purpose of the resume is to get you an interview.

You need to begin thinking of a resume as a “Sales Brochure” and you are the product.

You also need to understand that the people who review resumes are so overloaded with them that they only spend 10-20 seconds (that’s what they tell me) looking at each one before they decide to put it in either pile “A” or pile “B”.

So, the lesson here is that your best stuff has got to be in the first 4-5 inches down from the top of the first page of your resume. If it’s not there, you haven’t captured the reader’s interest by that time. It’s going into pile “B” and you’ll likely never hear from them.


February 4, 2010 - Posted by | All, Resumes

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